Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I look for the right university?

A. You need to work out your priorities, such as city location, financial consideration, academic results and entry requirements to the university.

Q. When should I lodge my application?

A. Undergraduate MBBS
Application time: March 1st – July 30th (varies from one country to another)
Length of the program: :6 years including 1 year Internship (student have an option to do internship in India after 5 years subject to passing MCI screening test). KAZAKH & KYRGYZSTAN: 5 yrs (excluding Internship). RUSSIA, UKRAINE, GEORGIA & BELARUS: 6 yrs (excluding internship). PHILIPPINES: 51/2 to 6 yrs (excluding internship)
Graduate Programs: MD/MS, MDS
Application time: March 1st –July 30th
Length of the program: 3 years

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